Maintenance & Lighting

Residents are responsible for the upkeep of their apartments however we appreciate issues may arise during the course of a tenancy. Please let us know if you have any maintenance issues so our experienced maintenance team can work with you to resolve any irritating niggles or DIY issues. 
Whatever issues you may have, the team are here to help in order to make your stay at One Eighty as comfortable as possible. 
Please don’t panic when unexpected events occur. Just contact us and we’ll connect you with our maintenance team who will be available to visit and rectify any issue you may have. 
Please note that whilst we have a comprehensive toolkit, a range of qualified suppliers and we keep a stock of parts there will, occasionally, be a requirement for some specialist support or for replacement components to be ordered. We’ll keep you up to date with progress and make sure solutions arrive as fast as possible. 
Maintenance requests You can request maintenance support at any time and from anywhere via the App. You can also authorise the concierge and/or maintenance teams to attend to an issue in your absence if this is preferable to you. 
Once your request has been received, the concierge and/or maintenance team will be in touch to see how they can best support your needs. 
To resolve your issue as quickly as possible, please provide as much information as you can and sharing any images or useful details can really help the One Eighty team deliver an appropriate solution. 

Light Bulbs (Replacement)

All apartments are reviewed at “Check-in” to make sure all light bulbs are in good working order. However they are consumables and inevitably bulbs may fail from time to time.
There’s no need to worry though as we keep a range of bulbs in stock and these can simply be ordered and collected from the concierge. 
Here at One Eighty we prefer residents to replace bulbs with our concierge-supplied light-bulbs as they maintain the colour tone, brightness and energy consumption throughout the property. Please note we do not seek to profit from them – we simply sell them at the cost they are acquired. 
To order your replacement spotlights or bedroom lights using the link below and collect from the concierge at your convenience.