Health Screening

First Choice GP Health Screenings our Tailor made Full Body Check-ups so our patients can get an accurate ‘Snapshot’ on their Current Health. 
This 60 minute consultation has been developed so our patients overall health and wellbeing is reviewed in a proactive approach to plan for their future health goals.
First Choice GP

What to expect:

Face to Face  Duration: 60 mins Price: £300.00
  • 1. History
    We will go through an in-depth history of your current and past symptoms. In addition, your work, lifestyle, home life and family history will be useful to tailoring further investigations. Lastly, your stresses, thoughts and overall mental health will conclude the history taking.
  • 2. Examination
    • Weight, Height and overall body mass index (BMI) • Heart rate and Blood Pressure • Examination of Heart, Lungs and Abdomen • Ear and Throat review • Vision acuity testing • Focused Musculoskeletal and Neurological examination 
  • 3. Tests
    Further tests will be tailor made following the History taking and examination findings. However, some of the common tests we expect to do in all of our patients Health Screenings are as below: • Blood tests: a Full comprehensive check will include the below - Full Blood count to rule out anaemia  - Kidney function tests + electrolytes - Liver function tests - Cholesterol - HbA1C: diabetes check– Iron/ferritin - Vitamin D - Vitamin B12 - Folic acid - BNP – this test will only be done if we are suspecting heart failure 
    • Urine tests - Urine dip testing – this gives a good check for infection markers + Protein, Blood, Ketones within the urine  
  • 4. Report
    • You will get a written report of the full history and examination. • We will walk you through the results of the tests when received. • We can issue a prescription and recommend a referral for further testing depending on the outcome of the Health Screening. • We assess your cardiovascular risk using the history you have told us and results from the tests. If required, we will be able to refer you to our cardiology consultants (at a separate fee) with whom we have an established connection (please see below for more information).     

Specialist Service - Cardiology

At First Choice GP, one of our main aims is to help prevent our patient’s future illness. 
Our Health screening service serves that purpose, as it will allow for a screening of your general health before we carry out further investigations. 
We are happy to announce we are collaborating with cardiology consultants in London to aid how we manage your conditions. Specifically if you have any possibility of cardiac conditions that require further review, we have made a streamlined process (with your permission) to get your report from the Health Screening directly to our Cardiology colleagues. The cardiologist will be able to review you and consider options such as ECG, Echocardiograms and further investigations if deemed appropriate. 
Please remember: If you have any acute symptoms such as chest pain, sweating, breathlessness you need to call 999 as a medical emergency.