Nymeria Yoga

Nymeria Yoga
Embrace a movement practice tailored to your goals, get a certified instructor to come to your home.' For all levels & ages!  No props needed, Nymeria Yoga brings everything to you.

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Nymeria Yoga

1-2-1 & small group sessions available with a 30% discount for each participant


Receive a 1h class tailored specifically for you.


Get 2 classes for a discounted price of £60.00.


Get 4 classes for a discounted price of £120.00

A bit more about Nymeria Yoga ...

Movement is just like eating or sleeping, it's a basic need of our body. 
Shifting towards building sustainable strength, timeless mobility, better flexibility and mindfulness have made my movement into a practice of self-care. 
I design my yoga classes to answer my student's needs and help them achieve their fitness ideal. 
In 1h you will get the best of two worlds : an efficient workout & a relaxing stress-relief practice to alleviate tension in both your body & your mind. 
Yoga is not only a great way to give your body a massage through stretching, it is also a great practice to tone your body & gain strength as well as to improve your mobility. 

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